In Japan, the radical right activists and the police act together.

On the occasion of a interview with an ex-executive officer of the JSDF (Jieitai), Toshio TAMOGAMI (See this video :, in the Yasukuni sanctuary (Tokyo) that is known as ‘the war shrine’ in foreign countries, organized by a radical right pay-TV station, Channel Sakura, a grave and surprising event happened.
After Tamogami’s speech, a Canadian man talked calmly to the organizers of this speech conference, saying that this kind of speech could be against the anti-nazi law if it were in Germany for example. The radical right organizers did not hide their anger towards this comment and they pronounced violent words to this Canadian man. He understood that it was not possible to discuss reasonably with these radical right activists and he tried to leave, without being aggressive himself.
But these radical right people prevented him to leave, grabbing his rucksack, to retain him. During this time, some policemen arrived. This Canadian man wanted to leave calmly but the policemen and these radical right activists followed him persistently. Within some minutes, more and more policemen arrived and they surrounded him. Finally, they took him to the police. It is said that this interrogation with this Canadian man in the police lasted over two hours and that the police made him declare in writing that he would not prevent these people (the radical right activists) to devote themselves to their activities.
In fact, all this event was filmed by these radical right activists themselves and uploaded on Youtube by themselves. (See this video : For example, the explanation on that interrogation in the police is an extract of the subtitles in this video. What is more interesting is that after some internet users criticized these radical right people on internet, they cut a sequence of this video in which they had addressed him violent words and that they uploaded it anew. (See this video :